seriously though, imagine if commercials for “men’s” razors staunchly, fearfully avoided ever showing a beard or stubble or any trace of facial hair whatsoever, as if made in a bizarre and inexplicable alternate universe in which the thing their product exists to groom doesn’t exist

just dudes grinnin’ coyly as they mime running razors over their baby-bottom smooth jawlines, eyes glazed over, not knowing what it is they do, or why, knowing merely that they must





Gamer gate has been trying to use Bayonetta as a rallying point, and criticism of it as proof of a “feminist agenda” in reviews

They’ve been trying to get Hideki Kamiya, creator of Bayonetta, to support them

Well, he tweeted this today.





the salt is so fucking real


this needs the highlight of him being pestered by these kids


Oct. 18 11:47 am


Anonymous asked:

Thoughts on Muslims ?


I accept them fully and wholeheartedly. Don’t forget that some of our own are Muslims and have been for a long time. Check out this article that talks about the Macassan-Yolngu trepang (sea cucumber) trade, Afghan cameleers and their influence on Indigenous Australians through Islam and Malcom X’s influence on Indigenous Australians through Islam, too.

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As if a switch had been turned, as if an eye had been blinked, as if some phantom force in the universe had made a move eons beyond our comprehension, suddenly, there was no giant, no monster, no thing called "Phantom" to be followed!

The line between science fiction and science fact is microscopically thin! You have witnessed the line being shaved even thinner! But is the phantom gone?

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