I’ve finally finished this piece cause I just love Arcana Famiglia so much. Please click on the pixiv link above~!! Oh and you can download it for desktop background, I made it especially big!

I had so much fun drawing and coloring this > v <


Since today is my birthday, I wanted to treat myself with a Debito special. I hope you enjoy it too!


A friend sent me this as a birthday gift and I don’t even know how to react, so I made a little photographic review instead.

This is the memorial book given to the people who bought all the dvds from animate shop I think. (the psp sticker wasn’t originally included with the booklet)

Comes with A4 size pictures of the ending sequence and a booklet featuring the 2nd live event.

Inside the book you can find these messages from the staff, big pictures of the dvd cases, a short story, live event photos and a short play the seiyus performed.

(I can’t read it so idk what’s going on :’D)


Arcana Famiglia, Episode One, English Dub.

Seeing as this series is entirely too unknown and under-appreciated, I’ve decided to post it here for all to easily see. All of the episodes are right there on youtube, both the dub and the sub, and it would be wonderful to see more people interested in this wonderful anime.

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The line between science fiction and science fact is microscopically thin! You have witnessed the line being shaved even thinner! But is the phantom gone?

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