HA HA she snapped his spine. That doesn’t bother mazoku much though, right?


One of my favorite Amelia moments. It’s such a quintessential Slayers way of interrupting a villain speech.


I love how much Xellos trolls Lina from the very first moment they meet.




Slayers had the best/weirdest promotional art part 4/10

A normal anime would just draw their leading ladies in bikinis for no apparent reason. This one draws a fucking fish with hands lurking in the back just to let you know that this isn’t a normal anime.

Also Lina’s boobs look lopsided and that amuses me for some reason.

You think that official bathing picture is weird? I raise you this one:

Make sure to look at all the details in the background and… under the water.

Oh my, let me count the WTFs:

1) We can fucking see you back there, Prince Phil.

2) Shabranigdu fountain. Real relaxing.

3) We can fucking see you back there, Zangulus.

4) Disposable camera floating in the water because why not?

5) We can fucking see you back there, Zel.

6) Spiky creature in the water. Rahanimu? Noonsa?

7) We can fucking see you back there, Gourry.

8) Eris, why aren’t you trying to kill everyone?

9) We can fucking see you back there Re— Wait, who cares if Rezo is around anyway? It’s not like he can see shit.

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