Unlikely Mates by kdee64 on Flickr.

via Flickr: Bald Eagles generally don’t like to share their close personal space but this one seemed to enjoy/tolerate the company of a Common Raven for some time today down on the river ice. The raven was clearly in play mode, chortling, babbling happily to himself as only ravens can, and playing with chunks of ice. Most unusual.

Addendum: Is the raven in danger here? For the most part, I think not. It has a larger brain, better reasoning/problem solving ability, is faster, more agile and more coordinated. Unless this raven is a little gaga, I suspect that it knows its limits and is quite safe. I might also add that upon closer examination of this image, the raven seems to be displaying his translucent “nictitating” eye membrane, typically used for eye protection in many species, and in this case, a raven power display. Ravens are great mimics of other birds’ vocalizations. Perhaps this pose is another dimension of that mimicry or perhaps just coincidence?

As if a switch had been turned, as if an eye had been blinked, as if some phantom force in the universe had made a move eons beyond our comprehension, suddenly, there was no giant, no monster, no thing called "Phantom" to be followed!

The line between science fiction and science fact is microscopically thin! You have witnessed the line being shaved even thinner! But is the phantom gone?

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